Open Bible Fellowship of Canada




Open Bible Faith Fellowship is a Spirit-filled and Spirit-led fellowship of leaders, churches and ministries that can trace its historical roots back to the Azuza Street Revival in Los Angeles in the early 1900’s. Today we have grown to include over 700 ministers representing 200 + churches, ministries and Bible Schools.


OBFF has a deep heritage of faith, love, fellowship and evangelism. We exist as an organization to connect pastors, ministers and ministries together under the Cross of our Lord Jesus Christ. We believe we will advance His Kingdom as we celebrate the gifts He has imparted and invested into each of us. OBFF has a mandate to bring the various streams of the Body of Christ into an intense love for one another – a love that will convince the world that Jesus Christ is Lord over Canada and the nations, and release a passion to reach lost souls for Jesus Christ.

We believe that the Body of Christ in Canada will arise to fulfill the prophetic words spoken over her to be a bridge-builder to the nations. It will start among us as joint-heirs, fellow-soldiers and fellow-labourers with Christ Jesus. We believe that as our relationships grow in grace and faith, we will see our churches and ministries advance like never before, yielding a harvest across Canada and the nations of the world in a glorious way. Our directorship has become a strong team. Our heart is to fulfill Christ’s purpose and vision for our fellowship, and for the ministries he has entrusted to each of us who are committed to success as Ministers of the Good News.

Our ministerial regularly provides leadership development and training through Conferences, Connect Days and Mentoring Events across Canada. These conferences empower and equip our churches, ministries and leadership teams with strategic principles and revelation knowledge that will help us accomplish God’s plan and vision for our cities and regions.

O.B.F.F. is a fellowship rather than a denomination. We support and encourage ministers while allowing them to have their own distinctiveness and God-given focus. Each church and ministry remains totally autonomous while mutually supportive and accountable.


Our Vision

Embrace generations
Connect leaders
Empower vision
Grow the Kingdom


Our Reasons

Command We’ve been commanded. John 13:34
Love We love one another. 1 John 3:17-18
Need The need is great. Matt. 9:37-38; Acts 9:26-28
Unity It unifies. John 17:20-22
Success It brings success. Eccl. 4:9
Influence It creates influence. Acts 2:44-47
Reward We will be rewarded. Matt. 24:46-47

Our Core Values

Integrity We will do what’s right no matter the cost.
Honour We believe in the value God places in every person and treating them accordingly.
Excellence God deserves our very best in every area.
Accountability We all need to be in real relationship with others and accountable.
Relevance We strive to be in touch with the realities of the world around us and offer real hope and solutions.
Transformation We are called to see our cities and nations changed


Open Bible Faith Fellowship is governed by a board of directors composed of local church pastors. The members of the Board are as follows:

President Rick Ciaramitaro

Vice-President Lindsey Burt

Secretary/Treasurer George Woodward

David Kalamen
Mike Welch
Randy Neilson
Brendan Witton

Administrator Marjorie Bettany