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Open Bible Fellowship of Canada




Thank you for your interest in Open Bible Faith Fellowship!

O.B.F.F. is a fellowship rather than a denomination. We support and encourage ministers while allowing them to have their own distinctiveness and God-given focus. Each church and ministry remains totally autonomous while mutually supportive and accountable.


We welcome members from diverse streams and denominational backgrounds into the “OBFF Family”. We offer the following levels of accreditation:

  1. Christian Minister This credential is the acknowledgment of a person in a full or part-time bonafide ministry approved by a local church. The applicant must have:

    a) Graduated from a minimum of a one-year recognized Bible School or

    b) Be in leadership in active Christian service in a proven ministry.

  2. Marketplace Minister - In order to be recognized with OBFF as a Marketplace Minister, you must first be actively involved in the marketplace as a regular part of your daily routine and be engaged in spreading the gospel in your work environment. Of course, this must be done with the understanding that your effectiveness and work ethic should not jeopardized by your mandate as a Marketplace Minister. Marketplace Ministry is not limited to preaching the gospel; it is more likely to consist of sharing your personal testimony one-on-one, with the acknowledgment that Christ’s invitation is extended to all.

    Marketplace Ministers must strive to incorporate godly principles in their business practices and treat their employees and co-workers as valued equals in God’s kingdom. They must exhibit the desire to see others won to Jesus Christ and be willing to assist in the process of discipling new converts. They must also recognize the “call” to Marketplace Ministry and its value and importance to God. Marketplace Ministry is a holy calling for which Ministers will give an account on the day of judgment.

  3. Licensed Minister - Licensing is issued to a person who is becoming established in full-time ministry. The applicant must have:

    a) Completed a minimum of two years of recognized Bible School plus

    b) Have started a church or five-fold ministry (life’s calling) or be working under another ministry and pastor who recognizes and acknowledges your life’s call as full-time (occupational not necessarily being salaried)

  4. Ordained Minister -  Ordination is the highest classification of ministerial credential granted by OBFF. It is for those who as a regular customary vocation, preach or teach the principles of the Christian faith. The applicant must have:

    a) Completed a minimum of two years of recognized Bible School plus

    b) Served a minimum of two years full-time ministry


    c) Served a minimum of four years full-time ministry

We require that all members of OBFF are in agreement with our Statement of Faith and are committed to uphold our Ministerial Ethics.


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If you have any questions please contact us and we will be more than glad to assist you.


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